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We as MG Turkey is a trading company which offers Aluminium Solutions. Starting with ACM ( Aluminium Composite Materials) we are offering wide options of Aluminium Profiles as well. Such as mill finish, powder coated,anodised etc. We have an experienced sales and marketing team which is supported by a Production team and technical team . We completed a lot of projects from Gana to Avustria and looking for new projects from all over the World.

We can deliver facade projects from A-Z including installation in any country. Our installation team has a international experience.

Or we can supply your materials according to your specs and control the process till the customers receive safely.

We like to be with our customers thats why we travel a lot and meet the projects on the side. This activity brings us motivation and international information that we share with our customers projects.

If you are dealing with Aluminium Composite Materials ( Signage & Architectural) you will meet us shortly if not met till today.

We belive in Aluminium …